Events, Token Grind, and Exhaustion

This is something that has been bothering me ever since last worlds with the worlds tokens and the three months of content dedicated with content you can unlock with those tokens. Golden Chromas, Borders, Icons, Emotes and so forth. But you know what I did instead of getting any of those? Grind my ass off for Prestige K/DA Kai'Sai. Now I'll admittedly state I'm a bit of a collector type, but I did play a lot Kai and enjoy her as a champion to do this grind. I was still annoyed at the grind however, considering I only made after having to waste money and play more league then I really wanted to fit in. And that's where I want to lead this discussion with, in regards to this whole system. I'm not going to say it doesn't work, because it does and I'm a prime example. I buy the pass and invest more time then usual in the game in order to grind. My problem is WITH this said grind. I'd enjoy if the grind was available to all players, earning tokens at the end of the match like what the pass allows rather then needing the pass to unlock this grind. Getting pass would allow you to earn more, along with a jump start amount of tokens and more missions to do. Still, I dislike the idea that if I want something like the Lux skin right now (Or the 'free' 100 prestige points they dangled above our heads before the Academia skins released) I'd have to save ALL of my tokens to get them and then maybe, MAYBE, think about seeing if I still have time to grind out everything else I want. I can't see myself playing League all day long, I do enjoy playing a variety of games and sometimes I need to untilt, which could take an entire day or so. I'm going to add my own little salt, a bit off track but, when I saw borders and chromas for Challenger Ahri and Nidalee I felt a bit smacked in the face. I bought those skins when they were originally released (I remember Ahri's skin first being called Dauntless, not Challenger mind you) and what did I get then? Nothing. The fact I need to grind for a border for a skin I've owned since release of it that someone else can just buy now and earn feels like, why did I even bother getting it then if I can't even flaunt that I was an early buyer of this? The Chroma I don't care so much for grinding, but the border rubs me the wrong way. Tangent done. To wrap up, I'm just exhausted of these events seemingly back and forth with things to grind for. You can just say I don't need the Prestige skins and, you are correct. But, these are champs I play. I'm not some random support main who doesn't want anything cause it's not like for Janna or something (No offense, I just see a lot of support 'mains' complain about the prestige skins not being for a champion they play.) I've been playing the game since Season 4, never took a season off or anything and have been through the ups and downs. And this is just something that rubs me wrong (As well as the whole not having my early purchases be rewarded or recognized, when something like what I stated with Challenger Ahri/Nidalee happens.) I don't want to suggest change, just vent and maybe someone will read this and be like "Yeah, I feel what this guy's going through," or just think I'm being an entitled player and tell me to f*** off. If I were to suggest a change, I'd say lower the cost of things to make the grind not too grindy. It's alright to give players 'free' things, especially if to use those rewards from grinding you need to have purchased something anyways. So, uh, yeah that's it. I'm bad at ending these things. So, see you later Summoners {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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