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Survey: Should Verbal Toxicity be Punishable
Yes, we know verbal toxicity is punishable; but the question is should it be? We have people claim that majority of players seem to think that majority of players think it ahould be allowed. We also have people who agree with Riot that it should be.
I created a thread to get input for regular player perspective on if Verbal Toxicity should be punishable. We know that it currently is, and I know Riot does their own surveys on the matter too. I just felt having some sort of accessible feedback would be nice. Due to my lack of reach since I am not Riot, I have posted this survey on the Boards and in the League Reddit. Posting this thread to hopefully get more input from players who may not go to the PB board. There aren't many places I can think to share the link, so if you want to share the surverymonkey link; feel free too! Maybe we could even someone get a Streamer or Content creator to check it out and share for maximum reach. Please only do the survey once to keep the results not conpletely manipulated. It is only 1 question.
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