People dont deserve their elo.

Alright...Im plat/dia player in terms of my skill in game, i find climbing to be easy even tho its a bit grindy from time to time, however, thing that makes me lose it is how many people are in elo they dont deserve, elo boosting is real, and its making my life as a player really hard. Just had a game in which i played Kata, i main her and i can say im pretty good with her, however my team was really weird.I had jungler that had no idea what to do, had to navigate him to every single objective which is fine, however i dont expect that from gold/plat players ( thats elo in which i am at the moment, smurf acc). As well as Fiddle that went top with supp item as first one, i checked his acc and he is Plat 4, i dont understand what is going on in this game but i can certainly say that they cant be higher then lets say silver 2. Once again ill say, i dont find it hard to climb, i have around 65% winrate from solo rank which isnt too high but i climb rather easy, thing that bothers me is, what is the point of having high rank if people can get it with their cash/ boost from a friend, what is your opinion, is there a way for this game to ever be, idk, mirror of skill only, not duo queue boost/credit card?
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