patch 10.2 will once more be an adc gutting

MASSIVE CHANGES: New Buffs & REWORKS Coming in Patch 10.2 - League of Legends
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bot lane had received a small buff/ adjustement at the start of season 10 : agility cloack and new storm razor . The concept was that crit was buffed by removing the 400 gold brawler s glove in exchange for the 800 gold 25% crit chance agility cloack , trading off acessibility and how easy it was to get for a flat out buff if u could afford it . infact the way crit is supposed to work is that it s optimal to stack and if u look past adcs , just look at yasuo or tryndamere , sometimes even crit riven or some champions who in certain matchups do amaing with it . I don t see these nerfs` point since they were meant to be like this and honestly i kinda wouldn t mind if armor items weren t getting buffed , items that mana scaling mages can take and now not only do they one shot you but every chance for u fighting back is gone . u ll need a hex drinker to survive but now on top of that u ll need a last whisper item , effectivelly taking two inventory slots and the gold u decide to put into them . a minor thing to point out is that the new storm razor ad was already rather awkward for kaisa upgrades and now will further this point . adcs have been thru a dark period of time of when they had no real first item . Bruisers had phage items to stick on ppl . Mages had lot chapter items , offering mana and cdr off the roof with an amazing laning phase item and either burst and wave clear or pseudo infinite mana and a shield . tanks could build legit any item first depending on matchup . adcs were stuck building ie first item bcs they had no other viable options and it felt like the correct way was essence reaver but not all adcs were using it to it s full potentiel . hence riot made many attempts to bring back stormrazor and now that it s viable , more expensive and with an awkward build path , it s getting nerfed , which again i wouldn t mind 5 ad being nerfed if armor items weren t getting buffed , as aftershock is still beyond broken , and randuins and brumble vest are already strong enough to shut down adcs . when season 9 had begun adcs were so out of meta that adc proplayers such as rekkles were benched and adcs had horrible winrates , rn the adcs with the highest winrates don t even build storrazor , notably ashe the strongest adc only to aphelios builds bork into ie while the other one rushes er into ie . the only good adc with stormrazor atm is jhin , who was known for being trash after losing the old storrazor and had to rush ie bcs he had no other choice , i am open for critisisme and discussions and pardon my english as i am not a native speaker and it only is my 4th language
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