Season 9 - Worst season I've encountered

Why? Here's my experience: * Rank * Game modes * TFT * Negative players * META * Surrender at 20 * Events **Rank** The community within season 9 has been my worst experience to face compared to other seasons. In every 2 games, I'm either being held hostage in champ select, no one dodges when I run out and we lose. Win traders, ragers, cocky players throwing. The game crashing during my loading screen while unable to reconnect. All great reasons of losing LP. Like what the fuck? I just can't. Why do I play ranked? Because it's the only motivation or reason to play the game. The time I play normals are with friends and most of the time they aren't on which is understandable. I've had enough practice of my champion in normals so of course I'm ready to rank. Why would I bother playing against bots or Twisted Treeline where Riot's balance team abandoned forever? And ARAM who's champ select decides win or loss automatically? **Game modes** The same reason why I play ranked. Game modes lead me away from objectives for fun time. In the current state of the game, the only enjoyable feeling I get is from WINNING ranked games but because Riot gave me no choice. Where's the fun and enjoyment? Gone. Game modes made it about enjoying your champion and experiencing new things. Not baron, dragon and nexus while players hold you hostage. Just why? Take me away from CSing for once. **TFT** Ever since this "game mode" has released, League of Legends lost its touch to balance the game on every other game mode. In my opinion, TFT is boring and with the time and practice I put into my legends, they mean nothing here. All these legends are placed onto a board of RNG and boom, watching a soccer game. You could even afk it won't do much besides equipping RNG items. The only benefit of this "gamemode" is if you multitask but overall it does not make up League of Legends. The game mode is an addition to keep or gain more players but apparently it's the opposite and I don't blame the community. **Negative players** Normals and ranked have been so bad this year. I don't know what's going on but I feel that Riot is doing it on purpose to make losses happen easily. I recently reached D3 90LP 3 times and have even demoted to D4 and caught up again. I went as far as dodging and just for 10LP more it's impossible to reach promos ever. The players I've seen have brought me so much stress more than actually playing the game itself. One day I get an adc that "plays for fun" in ranked, a raging support feeding my laner while roaming, the cocky top laners who never ward and feed, junglers who gank late or never and feed lanes. Mid who never roams. What's worse is that Riot has allowed the toxicity to expand further. Everyone's giving up the moment we go 0-4. Do you not realize that farming safely, warding and late game are all a thing? Beyond half the champions on my team are late game and players refuse to wait for a good play. Perhaps at some point the enemy players will throw too and I've seen it multiple times. No one has hopes anymore, they whine or cry and get tilted easily. Like why? I noticed that the more energy and focus I put into the game, the more I've lost. Because that's what Riot wants and does. Instead of maintaining the game to be healthy, they prefer and let $$$ carry the company while trying to expand their ideas that does nothing for the community. Pretty much at the end of the day no matter how great of a player you are, your team will drag you down. There will be days we have good and bad games but throughout my recent experience, it's been automatic loss no matter what it's been. It's the same concept as driving. You could be a good driver and one moment a drunk driver comes crashing into you. How do you control that? You can't. You follow the red light, follow your stop signs, you watch for pedestrians, you do everything that's right to move on but a chance to see a car zoom out of nowhere in your direction. **META** Where's the variety? Why does it have to be about the damage? "Because META wins games". So what makes League of Legends fun and competitive when facing and wasting bans on the same champions? For the love of god this META shit needs to stop. You know how tired I am of wasting bans on the same champions that carry the player rather than the player making actual plays and helping the team? You know how great it feels to dominate a Yasuo in lane only to lose to him 5/11 KDA with 243 CS afterwards? Riot please fix your runes or give us back the old runes and fix your champions. We are forced into a META full of damage and you know what it's like today? Support: I can't carry this adc! (no wards, gets caught, feeds, doesn't follow adc) ADC: Worst team ever. (proceeds to walk into enemy) Top: This jg sucks! (Pushes up without warding, underestimates enemy dmg) Mid: -Silent or rage- (No roam, no pings on enemy lane roaming bot, no wards) JG: GG open (invades enemy jg and feeds, no ganks bot, helps 1 lane only) Guys this is tiring and we have everyone complaining, which I agree upon the damage topic. You can't be a real tank without feeding so that your team catches up. You can't support after using everything when 3 meta champions are sitting on your adc. As mid laner, your only hopes are to deal damage and carry or watch your team melt in front of you leaving you to die last. As top laner you are most reliable to engage and make sure your team is in good positioning. Jungle? I don't know anymore but you guys get the point. **Surrender at 20** Have you guys paid attention to surrender at 20? It's a joke. Riot's balance team focusing on balancing a chess board almost every post. You either get 1 post belonging to TFT or others where little information contains news of Summoner's Rift. It is depressing and remember the times where they would have news on what game modes were coming back? On the right side you see TFT. We get it but seriously bring back the fun that required the use of our keyboards. I would always get excited to check their website but I've been more on the boards and Reddit because I'm slowly leaning towards the community's calls. **Events** Odyssey? Star Guardian? Project? Remember those days where we fought hard for free skins and icons? Riot today: Prestige, $$Passes$$, Prestige, Heal for _ = 1 free orb, Prestige, $$Passes$$. Community: -quits, rage, whines- While it's sad but true. Riot knows they are losing a part of the community, which is why they plan to give us more rotations of the shop, add more little legends to spend on and always making it about prestige skins. They are aware but ignorant.
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