Petition to make the Voidspawn from Zz'Rot Portal a Little Legend

Hey everyone, So Riot Scruffy just announced that the Zz'Rot Portal will be removed with the coming preseason (alongside Ohmwrecker, check out this thread if you haven't read it yet: ). This means that together with Zz'Rot Portal's removal the little voidlings spawning from it (called Voidspawn) will also be removed from the game! I think I won't be the only one who will miss those little instead of completly removing them from the game, how about turning them into Little Legends which you can play as in TFT and which will follow you around in ARAM? They already have ingame models, as well as walking and death animations, so all thats missing are joke, taunt and dance animations and a loading screen for TFT. And creating different colored versions for them shouldn't be very hard aswell. I for one know that I would love this to actually be a thing :D If you would also like this to happen, than show your support for these little fellas with an upvote, maybe if we get enough people together Riot will listen to us! Edit: Wow, we already reached over 100 upvotes!! You guys are awesome :D
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