Riot please tweak more than just numbers

Riot isn’t addressing what makes champs strong. They nerf stats first ask questions later. The only change to champs in 9.22 that wasn’t a number tweak or some bug fixes was for pantheon. His W speed no longer scales with movement speed. Not really that impactful, but it’s a step in the right direction. The problem with nautilus isn’t his ult damage, its the fact that he has 4 forms of CC and ridiculous Q range. He hooks you, roots you, slows you, then ults you knocking you airborne. He is not the one dealing damage to you. It’s his team mates piling onto the poor soul who got hooked. Same thing with Blitzcrank. He catches people very easily and it’s always a death sentence or it burns a flash. Let’s say I have a 4 second stun. My win rate is very high, so Riot nerfs the damage of my stun and reduces my health. Nothing changes because my teammates kill the stunned targets, not me. My winrate is still very high. I’m still a very good champ. So Riot keeps nerfing damage and survivability until A: I start to get one shot and can’t stun people, or B: they finally nerf my stun but my damage and survivability are so low, now that my utility is weaker, I’m useless. This is how riot guts champs. They don’t look into why a champ is good, so they tweak numbers until everyone shouting at them about the problem gets them to listen. They then nerf the problem, but the champ was made weaker in every other regard first, so now it sucks. Pantheon is 100% pick or ban at worlds because he has globe presence, CC, and a movable Yasuo windwall while being able to quad flex. He has so much utility that he could deal 0 damage and still be a useful aspect of some team comps, especially organized team comps in pro play. Shen is also pretty good in pro play. He has global presence that gives an ally a powerful shield, he has an aoe (kinda) taunt, and a W zone that negates auto attacks. He can’t play well in any roles other than top, so blind picking him means he 100% getting counter picked. All this makes him pretty balanced so he isn’t a 100% pick or ban menace in organized play. Same can’t be said for pantheon. The balance team needs to look at what makes champions strong and address those issues instead of firing number nerfs in their general direction.
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