Riot, why are you deleting posts with included proof which call you out on your bad banning system?

I am simply wondering why delete the post? It is a community forum meant for the community to discuss. It was properly worded without showing offense. It was acquiring a pretty decent amount of upvotes and views as well. I had shared this post to my friend on discord the other day, and today trying to open it, the page is missing. It showed proof of how Riot does not ban players for grieving and intentionally ruining games, even on these extreme levels. The player has even reported himself through tickets and had other players report him in game. Yet it seems Riot only bans people for "toxic" behavior in chat, which is the only thing their system can easily pick up on, and give out bans for using trigger words. Be it unfairly or not. Before you say something like the post encourages toxic behavior, it doesn't. It just proves that actually being toxic does not get you punished, that you can be completely toxic while just being careful with what you type in chat. What these posts do is encourage a change to be made, a change that will actually counter toxicity. Pushing your trash under the bed is not gonna keep your room clean and smell nice. Pointing it out is what is gonna start getting something done. Same goes for this. Not showing the truth is what's toxic, and not implementing a good system against toxicity is what's toxic. To me it looks like damage control. Sounds like it would be pretty bad if too many people caught up to this. I advise you to fix the game, otherwise you'll have to keep playing the damage control game. But seems you are pretty good at that game already. I do hope the community keeps getting the message across and that you stop toying with your own player base. In the end, we all just want to play the game we fell in love with, long ago. All the best (:
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