The Old League

Does anyone else just miss the old league of legends? I am sick of all of the re-works. I am sick of all these new champs that have these unbelievable kits. I Joined this Game 5 + Years ago and this game was my entire childhood. After school everyday My friends and I would spend countless hours playing this game and loved every minute of it. I left league of legends the minute they reworked Shen (3 plus years ago?) and decided to return a few weeks back due to TFT Which is great BTW. but the past few days my friends and I decided to play a few games of normals and it has been an awful experience. Don't get my wrong i totally understand mechanics are a major factor of this game and leaving it 3+ years ago I am incredibly rusty but it seems this game has become something I cant even return to. I Understand that with time this game needs to adapt/evolve but the way the game is now it seems that the new champions/reworked champions dominate this entire game and overpower the old champs I grew to Love. It seems this game has just become massive team death match. where everyone can one shot everybody. I apologize for the rant but I Just miss the old league of legends.
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