Riot You F* up big Time. Fix the Game!!!!!

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Four games today i got feeders, but this is the epitome of them all. This guy was legit trolling the 10 last of his games, he f^ing admitted it on after game chat and he is continuing to destroy games as we speak. This has to end 11% of the players base my ass, i have seen more feeders here than in silver. People keep trolling without any consequences. You know why? Because your banning system sucks. This is so frustrating i try to win every game and i can not because you let people ruin our games. This guy has ruined 40 people's games so far and he admitted it, and he was proud of that just because he tilted over one game. And i am sure that he was reported in the 9 previous games as well. So you let him ruin someones promos you let him cause someone's demotion and 10 games later you let him ruin mine and my teammates mood and cause the loss of our LP. **36 F^NG REPORTS BEFORE MY GAME WERE NOT ENOUGH TO BAN THIS AS^LE?! ARE YOU FOR REAL???? FIX THE F^NG GAME!!!!!!!!!** ( PS: i will update the video of his accomplishments in while PS: (
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