Veigar could use some quality of life buffs

I think, as a Veigar main, that Veigar needs some quality of life changes. My thoughts are that they could Veigar's ultimate could maybe have a kill indicator like a cho gath, pyke or urgot ult does. I'm not sure how they would do it, I guess it would need to calculate for the enemies MR, but it would be a really nice change imo. Another idea I had was to give Veigar some sort of vision on his cage, and yes veigar does have vision on his w, but this would give veigar vision of a wider area while simultaneously allowing him to check a bush much more safely. I'm also open to other ideas like making his auto attack speed a little faster in the early game or making his autos travel faster maybe. What are some other Ideas for the greatest villain of all time? P.s. I'm super hype for Elderwood Veigar, I just hope the seed thing on his W animation doesn't give away the w too much.
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