Master Requirement for Ranked

So I personally ban Senna if I see my support playing her. I don't care if you've won 6 games with her or not, the champs been out for only a day, no one knows how to really play her yet. Every game I have played against her, my team's stomped them. Overwatch does it for good reason. Imagine someone one trying Genji or Reaper in a competitive game. (I've personally seen a Genji get baited by a Bastion. A Bastion. Guy can't even move in turret form, how you gonna engage with your deflect right off the bat thinking that's gonna work). I'm not the only one who feels this way, I've had teammates back me up, also had teammates call me out, but at the end of the day, we win, only had 1 guy troll because of it, and I'll take a troll over a first timer in ranked any day. But then I had a game where the guy was saying that my 36 games on Jhin weren't enough to play him in ranked, and I was like i got a mastery score of like 24k dude, and they said that wasn't enough, and it got me thinking. Should there be a Mastery requirement for Ranked? And if so what should it be?
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