So... let me get this straight.

[]( > > > Riot goes around on a campaign about how they're so pro-women that they're willing to exclude a large portion of their fanbase for it, yet... > When the community asks for the arguably most stable, non-stereotyped female character who was the absolute IMAGE of League's strong women to be less sexualized and more realistically clad from her previous iteration, Riot refuses to deliver on that. Personally, I liked Kayle's design. She reminded me of Samus, where she didn't feel the need to show off her body because her armor was proof enough that she was who she was. She reminded me of Riza Hawkeye from FMA:B, as she was a strong character in her own way without it feeling forced or corny. It's a nice touch, as many female characters in games are walking checklists rather than actually written to be actual people. Kayle was a great example of "whoa, what a badass" without so much of the emphasis on the "ass" portion, if you get what I'm saying here. #Bottom line: Don't pretend to be pro-women if you can't reflect that in your character design, RIOT!
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