Concerns about old worlds skins & the removal of ohmwrecker

So, regarding the removal of ohmwrecker and old worlds skins. Ohmwrecker was an item that a DEDICATED league legends player won in a contest and had a once in a lifetime opportunity to create this item. It seems more than unfair that the item is being removed. Imagine winning the lottery and then a year later they forcefully take the money away because you aren't spending it enough, that is the same feeling as winning the contest to create an item only to have it removed because it isn't popular. Then we have my issue with the old worlds skins. Teams like Fnatic, Taipei assassins, SSW and the first two years of skt skins are sub par in comparison to the modern skins due to technical limitations, they lack signatures, the skins have no effects, and are mediocre at best. It makes them feel like the teams won in the wrong year, HELL fnatic didn't even get to lift the summoners cup or get rebroadcast licenses! I feel like having the players come In on a paid trip to help redesign their skins with a more modern feel and current standard would be phenomenal. Sorry for ranting at you, this has been on my mind for a while and every time I see new worlds skins then look at TPA orianna and see T-shirt orianna compared to the Amazing quality skins we have now for IG or SSG it makes me sad. I'm a huge toyz fan and I feel like the old teams should get an opportunity to redo their skins so they aren't just "T-shirt champions" and more if what we have now. I feel like for ohmwrecker maybe the winner of the competition could be brought back with them and be allowed to make another item or recreate ohmwrecker or even just keep the item in the game all together?
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