10.3 Akali

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I don't main Akali anymore because her last set of nerfs to her ulti and shroud pushed me to be a fan of Yasuo instead, this though? This shroud and ulti nerf is rough, like even people who find her an annoyance to fight have to be shaking their heads in remorse for those who do play this champ. There are many other champs who deserve a nerf why Akali? She's not that great a champ as many win rates would prove. I feel like before the end of this year there will be no reason to play this champ, honestly Riot, you're doing what you did to Kalista all over again. Don't do this. Get this rework off the PBE and let your balance team actually take longer than between a patch or two to figure out what's actually wrong with this champ. Her ult has been nerfed to oblivion and now her shroud too? This is pointless. I won't deny Akali being a major annoyance to a match but she's just one of many. I feel that the outcry for Akali nerfs are more abundant because she's a popular sight in all elo, where as people who could stand to get a hit from the nerf stick like Annie, or Garen are not as common in high elo or pro play. An annoyance is no validation for receiving such a gutted champion.
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