being able to blacklist the same 4 white knights on every post shitting on riot is nice.

if yall dont have the extension already. i highly recommend it! you know who these 4 people are if youve ever made a negative post lol. sorry bud youre blacklisted :D youre one of them. edit: im tired of the thread bullies. tired of being told im wrong because of my elo. tired of saying literally anything and being bullied into deleting it. Im tired of having bugs happen to me and other people and then say its our rigs.. we are using different shit. so instead i blacklisted the same 4 hyper opinionated people that brought nothing but shittiness to me. idc what yall think. "echo chamber" you act like anyone in gameplay, GD, or player behavior has anything nice to say anyways.. oh wow big surprise im downvoted like literally everyone else on the forums. all the abusers are like OMG dont tell people that you can get rid of them so they cant abuse the shit out of anyone anymore. I could make a positive post and id still get the same 4 negative abusers. thats why im just saying the option is there.
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