Best Way To Practice For Qiyana

Basically, Click Play and Then Go under Training and then Click on Practice Tool and Start Learning how to Farm with her with a Friend or AI bot. Learn the combos, and soon eventually you'll be a master Qiyana Player then others. I Usually Play 1 to 2 hours repeating the Combos into I can learn them from Muscle memory so I don't need to use the Practice tool again into I want to learn a New Champion. A lot of People Forgot about the Practice tool, People You need to start Using it again. it will help a lot, especially for how to Farm with Qiyana and new Champions that come out ahead later on or you wanna learn a Champion you got months to years ago and still haven't play Use the Practice Tool. It is there for a good Reason. You can learn new Builds to your liking, and Learn the Combos with those Items on that build of yours.
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