Riot is declining fast according to stats, but what do they do about it?

**it is estimated that League of Legends has lost around 15-20% of its player base.** **2018 was the worst year for Riot games and was the lowest revenue in years. Only made 1.4billion compared to last year's 2.1 billion".** **League of Legends' Cuts Esports Budget, Can Riot Games Bounce Back?** These are the figures from 2018. We will soon get the 2019 figures that will look even more depressing. Riot will probably drop below 1 billion in revenues and some other 15-20 of playerbase lost. Because the messed up so hard this year its unbelievable. This year we not only have similar problems to the 2018 meta, but now we have a overly greedy company that does nothing about the game but release cash grabs like Eternals and Little Legends, releases buggy skins to maximazine profits, and they try to maximize profits everywhere. Let me tell you a secret Riot Games. If you want to make money you first need to offer an appealing service, then you monetize it. You can't monetize something that's bugged, messed up, displeasing to play (damage creep, stale meta, no events, prestige skins are gold dips and 100$ dollar cash grabs etc). I have TIME to play league now, i can push the play button but i don't feel like it. I get annoyed only thinking about Riot's decisions and the mess that's ranked atm. I love you Riot games and we spent almost 10 years together. I grew fricking old with you but if you keep going this EA-Sports way, you will end up with a game nobody plays and full of cash grabs and Pay to Win to even exist as a company. tldr; Adding MORE cash grabs to make up for lost revenue instead of fixing the game and make it pleasing to play again and hyping us with events and video teasers you used to make will make league a big cash grab were you have to pay even for pushing the Play button and you will still not be making money, man, Understand this
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