Garen is straight up bullshit right now

Don't know what all you pro plats and diamonds think or thought of pre-rework garen, but here in gold and below, which is 80% of the players of this game, the champ was busted before rework and is worse now. More true damage when people have been saying theres too much true damage in the game. Shield on W, and crazy damage on E. No weak laning phase either to compensate. Just played kass mid vs ekko who afked for 15 minutes. Other lanes were even but garen top had 4 kills. Still lost the game because he was just killing everyone left right and center. Saw him do 30% level 13 hecarim (cinderhulk item) health with single Q with just a phage item and he was level 15. The champ is just too tanky for the damage he does. If he had bruiser levels of innate tankiness/kit tankiness it would be ok, but its not even juggernaught levels it is tank level even when he gets damage items. The champ is straight up bullshit right now. Played a voli sp into him and he was quite fed, but i was fed also for a sp with 8 kills. Had titanic hydra, tabi, wardens mail and health crystal. He already had like 3 damage items. He didnt even Q me when i met him in jungle while warding. Just pressed E and shredded me even through my passive. straight up nonsense. Brain damaged developers. Only want money, whether from flashy LCS gameplay, or from snowballing triple and pentakill champs to attract skin purchases. shit people
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