Riot let's talk about the World Final 2019 tickets and the Scalpers

##Like every year the tickets for the World Finals are already on resale sites for extortionate prices. --- However in any case this year the problem of tickets was also caused by the contractor company As the site reported the League of Legends World Championship finals tickets had partially went on sale an astonishing _***~~two hours before the scheduled time.~~***_ --- ##As imagined the tickets went away in seconds, and part of the blame is of the Accor Hotels Arena. Now one wonders if this was a pure technical error or if it _***~~was an intentional act, where few knew the exact opening time of the ticket office to be able to take tickets first.~~***_ --- #Now the problem of the Scalpers... As the site reported >Official tickets were available at €40, €60 and €80. >Scalpers - people who buy tickets with the sole intention of reselling them on sites such as Viagogo have already listed ticket, some _***~~at more than €600 a piece.~~***_[] --- #**_~~Riot must take actions!~~_** As wrote: ##The resell in France is forbidden! > Selling, offering for sale or exposing tickets for sale or providing the necessary means for the selling of access tickets to sport, cultural, commercial or live entertainment events in a usual manner and without authorization of the producer, the organizer or the copy right owner of the event or entertainment is forbidden and punished with a 15 000 € fine, 30 000 € in case of repeated offence (Article 313-6-2 of the Penal Code). --- I don't expect you to fix the problem this year but I hope (WE HOPE) that in the next world championships we can have an improvement of this DISGUSTING situation --- #I dunno maybe linking the tickets with the ID documents number so people can't resell them since it is linked to a different ID
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