Bots in PVP doesn't piss me off; Bots ruining the game for new players does though.

I'm a simple person; I like to wake up, take a leak, make some coffee, and then sit down for a fast bot game to get my First Win cause 400xp is nice. It's no surprise after TT was removed from the roaster to be seeing bots in places you didn't normally, but the amount of bots there are taking over the game is ridiculous and (to my awareness) Riot hasn't even put out an acknowledgment of this problem or that they are working on fixing it. What really bothers me about the whole botting situation of how shitty it's gotta feel as a new player getting paired up with these things while trying to learn the game and level your account.[] The LoL bots actually got lucky with a decent comp and the only two humans in the match were myself and the Lulu, whose account is only level 12. If I hadn't been playing this game since season 2 and was also a new player along with the Lulu, there is no way in hell we could have won; the LoL bots have CC chain, decent AD and AP damage, plus Noc Bot who is gonna dive you like a Yasuo player. Add in now the player scripts are feeding the LoL bots to the point where they actually have an item or two, this is an uphill battle for new players that is certainly going to turn them off the game. **TL:DR** Riot's gotta at least try to do something about these bots a little bit faster, even if they have to literally send someone in manually to start banning these things on the spot. I've introduced multiple friends to League over the years and I'd be pissed if this was the experience they ended up having.
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