Why is Riot being so lazy nowadays?

What happened to the days when events would be something people would be excited about? There would be lots of build up on social media, flashy website pages, and something I actually looked forward to. Nowadays we all know what the 'events' are. No new gamemode, nothing special. Just some shiny new skins and a token grind fest MAYBE if we're lucky we'd get a short animation (eg. PROJECT event) The last real event was Odyssey, arguably Riot's best event to date, and I'm beginning to feel like we'll never see something like it again. All events should aim to match Odyssey's level of quality, and I thought that was what Riot was going to do. (but hey, why should I expect anything from Riot?) I was excited for the upcoming Star Guardian event, but then I saw that what Riot used as a teaser was a recycled screenshot from the SG Ahri cinematic. And then i saw [this tweet that I guess solidifies my disappointment.](https://twitter.com/KenAdamsNSA/status/1150669321107992577) I can't remember the last time Riot listened to the community, anybody else remember the feedback from PROJECT Jinx that was "sent to the skins team", resulting in **literally 0 changes whatsoever.** My goal with this post is to hopefully get a **real** reply from a Rioter, and what I mean by that is something truthful to us, and not a copy and paste soulless paragraph like in the "Ask Riot" articles. Is Riot proud of what theyre giving the community? Can you honestly say you have the communities interests at heart? I actually hope to god Riot will blow us all away by giving us another Odyssey-tier event and giving up with this prestige + 'event' pass bullshit they've been doing for the past year.
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