I used to love this champ but in this season everyone outscales him now With the tank meta going on everything is like bb damage to them MF has that stupid shot that does more crit damage without any crit and automatically hits Jhin is so slow every assassin/tank/adc/jg/soraka wants a piece of that artistic ass Jhin can just be one shotted by any ability Either sacrifice AD or AP if you want to go the lotus trap way so your autos don't do much in combat or sit 5 min for someone to stumble upon the trap Most ADC outdamage him and AA speed delivers more damage aswell the passive that lets you sprint after a crit is still sufferably slow (2 seconds) meaning poking is nearly impossible or kiting SUPER SQUISHY No escape Ughh it hurts my head when i try to play jhin and every other champ has a stupid gimmick especially you MF stupid barrel shot Please Riot increase his kiting speed, slight increase to his damage, normal MS and ill be fine with his low health Just revert back to release jhin when it was balanced and not nerfed to hell
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