The most sad thing with punishment in League of Legends

There no punishment for trolling. But trolling is the case of toxicity(not all but a lot). Im playing in lol since beta. And this season is first in which I received the punishment(whole season 8 with honor level 0-1). I never used to be flamer like this but...time changes? I meet a lot of trolls(in platinum-diamond). Some of them going as 3rd player to bot lane. Some of them trying to cs as support and make adc burn. And there a lot of people who love to troll. But one thing united them...they will never be punished for this. Why? Because they don't use a chat. This is PROBLEM with Riot system. It punishes only flamers and nothing more. You may report for intfeed as much as you want but if player didn't used a chat or harrasment words then he will be never punished. Even if he went 0/20/0 every single game. Right now League of Legends community probably is most toxic community in video games. And this is getting worse with every new season.
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