Master Tier LP Decay (-250LP/day)

Currently floating around low Master-tier at the moment. I haven't come close to decaying yet, but the pressure is certainly there, especially when life gets busy and I approach the lower end of my 10 banked games. For those that are unaware of how the decay works for Master+, in solo queue rank, your decay is protected by a 10-day buffer. You're able to refresh the 10-days by playing a game, at a ratio of 1-day grace per 1 game played up to a maximum of 10 days saved. Once you hit day zero, you begin to take a hefty -250 LP hit per day. The 250 LP hit at Master's is quite a lot, considering Grandmaster threshold floats around 165 - 200. What's the point of having a 250 LP hit in Masters? You would never have enough points in Masters to take such a hit... Would it make more sense to be somewhere between 50 - 100 LP per day, at least for Masters? I'm guessing this is in place partly to fight against ELO boosting to make sure anyone boosted up won't stay long. Let me know what you think, whether you're in Masters+ or not. Ranked Information:
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