Riot, Please Announce This instead of Dropping it!

Little bit peeved, Riot, and I believe to be rightly so. I worked my ass off after getting the pass for worlds in order to get Prestiged Neeko, and got it. Sweet! I don't need anything else! Then True Damage was announced. Neat! Oh, there is a prestige skin? Cool! ...Except its not. The 2000 tokens needed is fine. It truly is, however, you dropped this near the end of the event, and some of us who spent their tokens cannot get that amount again. I'm sitting at 1,351 tokens and playing my ass off in hopes that I can attain the Prestige Qiyana skin. But... I've only 2 days left now if I am understanding it right. Why wasn't the earning of tokens extended until the 25th to give players the ability to earn the immense amount of tokens for Qiyana? I have to not sleep the next 2 nights in order to even have a _chance_ at earning the 2k, and even then, I might not be able to. So, what am I to do? I cannot spend money on league right now. Or maybe ever again in the future. I guess my biggest issue is that... if you're going to have a skin only available with tokens, at least announce it a little earlier or give us faster ways to earn the tokens near the end of the event. I get that Riot needs to be supported by the revenue, but those of us who cannot always spend money, but love your creations sort of lose out. I don't know. Maybe I'm upset over nothing, but it seems pretty awful for some of the player base to lose out on the tokens because we weren't made aware that it was even coming.
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