(ATTENTION RIOT GAMES) Why players are quiting LoL and how Riot can fix this problem.

I have played League Of Legends for three years non-stop. At first I loved the game. I had fun experimenting ect. But recently I've not been having fun playing League Of Legends and I've lost the urge to keep playing, and this is primarily because of CHANGE. League Of Legends has always been changing and I think Riot should have just settled down and focused on actually balancing the game a while ago. But Riot can still fix LoL if they look at the big picture and realize why their player base is decreasing. Now in my opinion I will explain why I think LoL is losing players and how I think Riot can fix this problem. Non-stop change, unbalanced champions, and having to keep up with the meta are all problems. You have to look at patch notes everyday to see what is OP and what is not. Because champions, items ect. are changed so often Riot is taking some of the most loved things about LoL and removing it. One by one Riot is deleting or changing somebodies favorite thing about the game. How do you fix this you may ask? Just stop changing the game. Riot just needs to balance the champions and items and then stop making new patches. Riot should still promote new skins, fun events ect. But champions and items need to just get balanced. That is my opinion on what is wrong with League Of Legends and what Riot can do to fix these problems.
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