got a chargeback randomly and riot support website says i'm permabanned

So last night i went to play a game and when i tried to log in it said my acc is locked and blabla chargeback.The link to repay the "chargeback" that the bank or my dad didn't do it wont work.There was a link to where i can repay it but it's just a blank.It's just a picture of lol champions splash arts nothing else.So i can't even repay. There was another link to the riot support website and it says my account has been permabanned. I'm like confused since i have never recieved a ban before. Only 1 a chat restriction and that was in 2018 or at the start of 2019.I haven't done anything that would result in a permaban. So i hopefully guess it says i'm permabanned since i got a chargeback and the system doesn't know what to say.Anyways people with the same problem.Did it say you were permabanned too or is it really only me and i really got a permaban?
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