Prestige Ahri is Extra Greedy - Yikes

So every other time a skin has been available with prestige points, which I realize has just been once, there has been another incentive into buying the loot boxes. The only example we have is the blood moon orbs with Aatrox. Sure it wasn't as good as a stocking stuffer or a KDA bag but the orbs were still rate up on gemstones and they gave the added bonus of maybe giving you blue essence. Ahri's skin rolls around, and Ahri is arguably more popular than Aatrox and the only way to get prestige points is through the shitty masterwork chests. Yikes? Like I didn't mind prestige skins and I even worked really hard and got the season pass to get both Vayne and Akali, but locking them behind the base masterwork chests is horrible. If you didn't have 100 prestige points saved from the sort of poopy but not abysmal blood moon orbs, then you're completely screwed.
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