Shaco in Aram makes me wish the end of the world would happen

:) I hate him in ARAM. All he does is walk around placing boxes that too way too much damage and fear for way too long and in a game mode where you only teamfight the damage you take and the time your cc'd can cost your life in a second and just when you think you have him poof he disappears leaving another troll box behind. An AP shaco in Aram honestly just has to press R and walk his clone into the enemy team letting it die and dealing bookos amounts of damages. It's just frustrating and your only way to stop that is to buy some potion but it's uselss becuase his box range is so long and you cant get vision of the boxes if they're in the brush meaning you have to walk around and risk getting smacked in the head or just never walk into a bush again.
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