People demonize Lyte but honestly, at least he tried to deal with toxicity in this community

And sure, his methods were questionable at times but most of his approaches are based on research that investigates how to morph behavior (less punishment, more rewards for example). What he couldn’t predict was: •how cheap riot was when it came to giving real rewards for good behavior •how ungodly toxic the community was - it wasn’t an uphill battle: it was practically scaling a mountain. I literally avoid normals now unless my friends - who aren’t interested in ranked - want to play. Normals have become so ungodly toxic that I don’t see the point in playing them because people are legit more relaxed in ranked games. The last few normals I’ve played have had so much flaming that I’ve had to mute players and report players, two things I rarely do. I wasn’t always a fan of Lytes, but my god at least he tried. This community is a shitstain and i honestly would never recommend this game to anyone because of it. The game isn’t even that bad, but the community makes putting up with the less desirable parts of the game less compelling.
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