Overwolf "Addons"

So, I keep getting unwanted ads in my YouTube videos (which is to be expected), but some of these ads are from Overwolf, "_supposedly_". These ads are showing off programs such as Facecheck and Porofessor. Well, I noticed that these two "addons" do the exact same thing based on what the ad shows, which leads me to believe that these programs are just name-changes and are actually breaking the rules that Riot sets in place for addons. I just wanted to make this thread as a general warning to people that, if one program claims to do something and then another one comes around and says it does the exact same thing and they're both by the same company, chances are that first program actually got blocked by Riot and this second program, that does the exact same thing--which would seem redundant in the eyes of normal people--is probably another attempt to get the same program into the system but by passing it off as something else. What Overwolf or whatever company is doing this has to gain by doing this, I don't know, but having two programs by the same company that do the exact same thing sort of raises a red flag if you think about it. That being said, the fact that a program like this can tell you things about your opponents, such as whether they're "Aggressive" or "Just Waking Up" (two of the things I saw as tags for the program when watching the ad), seems like it would provide an unfair advantage, as it provides information you may not normally know about your opponent unless you've played against them many times before or somehow got recordings of each of their games (and watched all of them all the way through). If what this program shows is actually true, then that means these programs are tapping into some sort of record that Riot holds, which is giving you an unfair advantage when playing against opponents with these "addons", as they're giving them information about your play-style and your tendencies that they would more than likely not know unless they've played against you many times before. This is just a PSA of sorts. As a last note: it's best to not use addons at all to avoid getting banned, but if you choose to do so, as Riot has said that some addons are allowed, just be wary if you choose to use this one, as it seems very suspicious to me. And before someone says that I'm just mad because I played against someone using this program who was beating me severely, I just want to state that I haven't played since URF was out and I hadn't played before URF came back out except for a handful of times in several months. So no, this is not the case. I'm just trying to provide general information to people. Good luck out there, Summoners. Be safe. And may your games be toxic-free!
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