I think Tahm Kench is a psychic (Bug?)

So here I am, playing my favorite fish on the Rift {{champion:223}} , moving from the starting platform to the bush to guard for invades. And as I'm sitting there, suddenly-- {{champion:223}} : "Girl, you're crazier than a mouse in moonshine." So, 2 things: **1)** That's a quote he uses when he taunts an enemy {{champion:131}} **2)** She was not visible, meaning she was hidden nearby, likely in a bush So I snap my tounge in the bush and, sure enough, someone's there. The person that walked out was, unsurprisingly, {{champion:131}} So there's only 2 explanations for this: **1)** {{champion:223}} is a psychic and can sense enemies when he doesn't see them or **2)** This is a bug Not gonna lie this helped me avoid being stomped for face-checking a bush in the first minute once because {{champion:131}} was in it. On a more serious note, I have no checked if this happens with other champions he interacts with, but it definitely happens with {{champion:131}} I'm also not certain if this happens with other champions that use quotes on first meeting as well.
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