"Why Are Supports Alwayas So Toxic?" Venting/Ranting Post

I hear and see people say this all time, likes it's one of the great fucking questions of the universe, when the answer is incredibly fucking obvious. IT'S CAUSE WE'RE STUCK DEALING WITH YOUR SHIT, JERRY! We get 0 respect, nobody ever fucking listens to us because we're the support, we're treated like the bitch of the team, whenever we try to say anything or give advice we're told to shut the fuck up because we don't know what we're talking about, support has basically become synonymous with e-girls, so now every game people assume I'm some girl who has 0 skill and just gets stupid guys to carry me and buy me stuff, when only the buying stuff part is true. Thank you. We're expected to ward every fucking second and have a ward in both enemy and our own fucking jungle. Hey, ADC, you have 2 wards saved up, why not fucking use them instead of pinging me to do it when my wards are on cooldown. Hey jungler, if the enemy jungler keeps taking your buffs, instead of blaming me for not warding, why not buy a fucking control ward, they're only 75g, and you actually have a sustainable income. I can't ward every goddamn place, I can only have 4 wards out at a time, and I got my own fucking lane to worry about. I'm sorry you died, but it's not my fault you didn't stay inside the Redemption. It's okay, I already wasted Exhaust, Flash, Ult, and Locket of The Iron Solari trying to save you. I can't save you from somebody who can burst you down in less than a second because you chose not to build any defensive items and became completely dependent on me shielding/healing you. Don't fucking engage the enemy at level 2 because you assumed I got my shield or root or whatever other fucking ability at level 2, just fucking wait till level 3. Please, don't engage unless I ping or fucking lock that motherfucker down with my CC. Please don't fucking chase them under tower if they have a Thresh or a Blitzcrank, because you will fucking die. I'm just going to end it right here before I write a whole goddamn book. https://media.giphy.com/media/l2Sq2Iw6xwrlzrLs4/giphy.gif
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