Im starting to believe That this nightmare call Akali is Just gona last for ever As mele champ.

{{champion:84}} After near 100 nerf, She's still exact Same toxic aids To face With no counterplay Weh it com to facing her as mele Champ. Its been nightmare since day 1 She was out to play against as mele and yet for 2 years its still same case. Im starting to believe that This nightmare is gona last for ever Just because balance team is so stupid and arrogant To fixe This stupid Broken Champ. She Just Broken and aids from level 1 intel She make u rage quit or ff, u try to go for last hit ... Lose half ur health But according to riot balance team Thats fair Since She has low base armor... Who gives fuckk am i Suppose to punish her as Bruiser ? since i cant fuking touch her ? She has 2 movement speed boost, 4 long dashes, Slow, excution, invisibility, High base damage, High ratio, ... She can abuse {{item:3146}} because of her hybrid damage which is even More stupid, conq is broken on her, electrote same, ... and So on ...Its fuking pathetic How absurd this champ and How long She remains like this and riot thinks nerfing 8 % of her wave clear is gona solve probleme, Give me break please riot and find new balance team or at this point just revert back old akali That was so much more fair to face and has more outplays potential, Ask any high elo player and he will confirme same
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