An honest question: how close to or far from are you guys from stepping out on this season?

'Cause last night was the point when I officially just decided I was going to step out for the season or at the least until something actually changes about balance. I'm not saying "quit" - just can't stand the place the game is in. Where do you guys stand right now? There's been seasons that have been frustrating like 7 where I would consider leaving but was still having more fun than not. 8 pushed it but knowing I was very much able to hit diamond before season's end made me stick it out until I did so, and I was fine with that. The last time I felt the game was so utterly god-awful that I just had to step away was season 6. And others can disagree with me - I know people who thought last season was awesome who also thought season 5 was so rage inducing they left it after Gold. So where do most people stand - yea or nay? I'm honestly wondering if this season is really this way because secretly more avid players want it this way or if it's largely weighing on everyone's patience as a whole.
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