Eternals Update: The very definition of "Tone Deaf"

I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it- an achievements system you have to pay for, and not just pay for but pay per champion? I spoke out against it, many others spoke out against it, as for most games achievements and such are a pretty standard feature in games today, and gamers often come to expect this feature in new games they buy. I'm not in any way against paying out to support a game and studio I really like, but this feels like another case of investors before customers- and further, a means of testing out what the gaming community will tolerate without outright rebelling, similar to what happened with the loot box debacle. So the community rebelled pretty strongly, and what do they do? They just walk things back slightly with a weak apology and it barely even changes- you can occasionally spend BE, but otherwise the overall price was tweaked by the equivalent of around a dime or a quarter. But the price could have bene anything- The point is that they're charging at all for something that is typically part of the package in games today. This small walkback without really changing much of anything is completely tone deaf- They don't really understand the real reasons they rubbed people the wrong way. Nobody thinks you're hurting for cash Riot, you're not fooling anyone, you probably have a money printer in the office. I recognize that all features have a development cost, but you could have just kept it simple as a system to track additional stats (under the stats system) and recognize you when you reach certain milestones. No flairs, no cosmetics, just achievements- And people probably would have mildly celebrated the arrival of the feature.. But no, you had to twist it into something you could monetize. You're taking my TT away, so you'll be lucky if I'm even still here when this season is over. But even if I remain, I promise you I won't be spending one red cent on these "eternals." Both on principle and also because of your continued practice of random number prices that don't fit evenly into the available amounts of RP to purchase.
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