CertainlyT's view on frustration

CertainlyT: Champion Designer for League of Legends | Play Makers Episode 8
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18:55 "I think some people find it very difficult but i don't, to me, games are in many ways a microcosm of life where they allow you to experience a lot of different situations in a space that.....negative emotions are an important part of what a game can be be that sometimes you should be frustrated sometimes you should feel down or beaten in a game, not only does that heighten the elation of victory and triumph but it also just teaches you to deal with those things and as you learn to discipline yourself and overcome it like you've done something that a game offers people something.....to me, frustration is sometimes a natural response that subset...." Idk what the hell he's saying, i had to rewind to make sure i heard it right. But the point is clear enough. 20:57 "My job is to make something that will kill you and cause you to fail repeatedly, until you learn how to deal with it. Obviously some players are going to be upset by that but yeah i make stressful situations and sometimes people get stressed out and yell at me and that's okay." No, double no, triple no, quadra no AND PENTA NO. His sort of thinking is what makes players hate the game more and more and even quit. Life is already frustrating enough (i mean, are you a college student?) that games are meant for you to escape these frustrations for a while. And if you ask me, League of Legends will make you feel even worse that it's not worth it to play this game anymore and simply delete it. Knowing how to deal with a champion will not magically remove the frustration you already have from that champion. Even a 0/10 Yasuo can piss you off even if he's a useless member in his team, or a Zoe or an Akali or whatever. His mindset feels so...wrong...he thinks frustration should be there in this game? Hello? This sort of thing is one of the many causes why toxicity is high, and like i said before, life is already frustrating and games are supposed to be an escape from it. Games may be means to make you think and improve problem solving, but not when you're pissed and frustrated. Since when does someone think like Einstein while being frustrated? If anything it makes things worse and takes longer to solve these problems. Anybody can figure out ways to play against certain champions even before they are released, but these champions even have the tools to cover their own weaknesses and even if it's not rocket science to figure out a strategy against a champion, it doesn't mean it's satisfying. Hearing all what he said just...I don't know, it just pisses me off. It really annoyed me. I may have a different idea than him but my view is that a champion should be fun to play as and also thrilling to play against and CT's champion only has one of those elements, which is fun to play as. His view feels so flawed. Hell, he even said that he hates playing against his own champions. Is this like what? Irony? Double standards? Hypocrisy?
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