Do You Enjoy Autofill?

It seems like, from individuals I speak with in game, autofill is widely rejected from this small sample size (small sample size meaning compared to the overall player base). I wanted to expand from there. What do you think about getting autofilled? I think if people want to queue as auto fill in role select, then fine. But getting auto filled into a role you did not select is seemingly an automatic loss if five players on the other side are content in their role. "Just dodge!" I am told. This method does not seem like an effective means to avoid autofill. My friend and I got auto filled, I dodged. We queued after the timer. We got auto filled to the same roles, he dodged. We queued after the timer, we got autofilled into the same roles again. The game forced us into these roles. What is your winrate when autofilled? What is your winrate when teammates are autofilled? I will make an educated guess that it is not very high. I understand Riot wants to reduce queue times. But during my conversations with these individuals I spoke with, only one said auto fill should stay in favor of lower queues. The overwhelming majority said they would prefer auto fill be removed, even if it meant longer queue times. Quality of the match over quanity of matches. I am intrigued to hear your thoughts on this. Please consider upvoting this thread so more people can participate in the pole. Personally, I would sit in a 10 minute queue if that meant the game I got into was a quality match. I feel like this would result in net LP gains, but I could be wrong. I don't want this to be a one sided rhetoric.
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