I personally think the game is in a great spot.

And I think hate bandwagons are not only lazy, but defeat the purpose. Continually I see things like 'balance is a nightmare!!' or 'riot only cares about making money, fix ur game!!' but like... The game is in a really good spot. And this is coming from someone who literally 100% bans Yasuo because I have no idea how to deal with him lol. I think the game is in a great spot because there is a rich variety of viable champions, the new ranked system fixes a lot of flaws of the old one and is a step in the right direction, and the playerbase overall has become more skillful and competitive. **_So, let's talk balancing, right? Because people love to complain how balancing is a nightmare._** imo, the game is balanced very well, save for the always 5 or so OP picks that rotate out. But, that's okay. Them being here pushes the meta forward, it's a necessary evil. I'll teach from my mid lane perspective to help people learn: So, let's say we play a bad matchup that seems unbalanced. Let's take recently 'gutted' Akali. What did Riot change about her? They removed A.) Her Heal / Sustain in Lane B.) Her safety from Turrets in Shroud They did not touch her damage in the slightest. So, Akali is the same champion but without the sustain in lane. How do you compensate for this? You start taking teleport and inspiration pots lineage or fleet footwork. But, players don't adapt like this -- They simply take that same Electrocute & Ignite setup, get smashed in lane by (insert any poke mage here), and thus can't experience Akali's powerful mid to late game. What am I getting at here? tl;dr: **Players think balancing is poor because they haven't learned how to properly adapt in League of Legends. If you fight a Fizz build HP. If you fight a Zed, build Seekers. If you fight a Lissandra in mid, take cleanse to avoid dying to ganks. Learn how to adapt, the game evolves every single match and you must, too. **
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