The ranked system is lazy and has lots of room for improvement.

Hi, I think the ranked system is lazy and has room for improvement. Here's why: It takes an astronomical amount of time to climb ranks, even if you are a superior player. The game also places too much emphasis on teamwork, which isn't a bad thing; however, the problem is that the teamwork aspect means you win as one and lose as one. This is the issue. For example, in my match history, I have games where I shine and games where I'm failing. **The games where I'm failing, my teammates don't deserve to lose the full LP amount because I'm tilted / getting camped / feeding darius / (insert emotional human aspect.) **Additionally, the games** where I'm clearly shining and my teammates are not, I do not deserve to lose the complete amount of LP. ** This is the problem. The ranked system has not been changed in years. It is an elo design that is meant for individual performances but doesn't highlight these performances. **One person can lose you the game without problem. One person cannot win you the game as easily.** This is the problem. **It is frustrating, tilt-inducing, and lazily designed. Riot, you're an incredible company; the things you do with esports and music production, as well as the game you have produced, is remarkable -- So why are we stuck with this antiquated, backwards system?** The beginning of this year was a step in the right direction. Not completely correct, but a step in the right direction. Do not put up with this frustrating, lazily designed ranked system. Again, Riot, you've created a game I have loved since Season 2. I know you can do this. The ranked system is designed to maximize time, grind, and frustration. Can we design anything better?
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