Riot, Nothing Is Working. Please Roll It Back.

the state that league is in right now is the absolute worst i have ever seen. this patch was controversial to begin with, killing aatrox, shield-breakers, cassiopeia changes which i personally see as more harm then good. tahm and galio getting their nuts cut off, pyke "inflation", out of nowhere singed CD, sylas jung getting no chance to survive. thats everything that was PLANNED, some 35 major changes, out the window due to MASSIVE bugs triple the amount of planned changes. runes not working, annie non-stop stuns, pyke teamkilling, new death recap somehow more inaccurate then before, mord's death realm is a mario party minigame, yas windwall is STILL 50/50. the server warnings you had up earlier yesterday are totally gone, you can't even log into ANY games without a major bug-splat. everything is gone. riot, this patch is NOT worth the 2-3 weeks (at best) of ironing out bugs that it is going to take too get the game back on its feet. i'm probably not going to get the 2200 arcade tokens i was close to even if you do extend the event, i dont care, i just want the game back. abort, this patch is simply not worth any of it. roll it back. also i'll be putting a poll at the top, just seeing how folks feel about the changes. just want to see what folks think.
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