Format change for the 2018 NA LCS

Seriously? After being so hyped about franchise and all the new teams coming in to NA LCS I couldn't wait for the new season to start until I found out about the format change of the NA LCS, which really disappointed me, RIOT is trying to MILK this game to the very end. Now we will have teams that doesn't even know how to adapt to a Bo3 and Bo5, and play 3 times less competitive games, and NA will su*k at worlds again. I was very ready to support the NA LCS this season but after this greedy act I will watch the whole thing on replays on youtube. I watch competitive LoL since season 2, I watched EU LCS, NA LCS and LCK, and last few years I followed NA LCS because I thought they are trying to become a strong region and finally be competitive on Worlds stage, but it seems that all they care about is money, they ruined the game for the old school players only to make it NOT boring to watch with all this 1 week meta changes, now they even ruin the 1 thing that I was left interested in this game(watching it). You lost me as a player an year or 2 ago and now you lost me as a viewer. This is all I had to say.
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