Let's focus directly on League in general and not the Drama itself

If it didn't happen we wouldn't be having this discussion. So I watch the NB3 and Nubrac talk over his suspension and oh lord god, I wish I can say the "R" word to Nubrac lmao His response are so "R" that I wanted to punch some bronze kid in the head to fix it LMAO. Basically NB3 ask him question of what is being off-meta and what's troll etc etc of what's not and what is. And NUBRAC literally said everything that a troll would do, and he even disagree with himself. He said anyone who does what he did should be BANNABLE, but if it him, then it's not BANNABLE This guy is a lunatic I ain't defending no body but we all fucking know a troll when we see one #Nubrac People are tryna defend him LOL The only people I can see defending him are either fanboy or maybe they also suck at the game logic and believe what he did was truly not troll lol ----------------- How are people going to get mad at troll and then support a troll? LOL? So is everyone who is defending Nubrac ok with having trolls? Cus I'm pretty sure you would piss your pants off if you got one on your team LOL
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