please don't remove twisted treeline

riot probably won't listen to me because sometimes i am toxic but please don't remove this mode i love it i had a lot of great memories in it i liked that there was no strict meta in it and people forcing you to play roles you don't like when you only want to chill in blind pick SR and they still treat it super serious but there are no roles or any of this bs in twisted tree line and some of its items are amazing like the sword item that give both resistences and ap to mages and that's what i play usually (despite being annoyed there are no mejais or dark seal) this is the only change that i disagree with that made me really sad..i've not been here for long so idk what dominion is, idk what pre rework irelia is (well i do kinda i played her once and idk what her kit does exactly) but i've been playing this mode as far as i remember since i discovered it, it really made me sad i can't imagine people losing things they loved to riot shitty decisions please, this is not just "oh bummer" type of sad i legit cried for like a good 2-3 minutes in the queue time and beginning of game i started because of twisted treeline queue music that i won't be hearing any more in one year this is like losing a family member or something idk why it made me this sad but it did lol, not even getting banned made me this sad or angry not even the account i had a lux skin in! please don't remove twisted treeline i won't complain about bots anymore, i never complained about its questionable balance because who cares not like i am good and the balance is holding me back lol plus the imbalanced things are ironically hilarious how can something be this op and get away with nerfs maybe they don't care enough about t treeline to balance around it but now they are planning to remove it altogether nice
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