Remove "Forfeiting" in Ranked and Require Certain Mastery Level on Champion to Play Ranked

Personally I think the option to forfeit in ranked gameplay should be completely removed or at least delayed until 30 minutes. And I think you should ONLY be able to play ranked with Champions you are Mastery Level 7 (or at least have 100k or 50k etc). Reasons for removing "ff": 1.) So many times have I been in ranked games where a lane (or multiple lanes) feeds within 5 minutes and then says "ff 15". Or everyone is doing kind of ok but a bad teamfight happens and we get aced..then everyone cries and thinks the game is lost. Eventually the 15 minute mark comes around and sure enough everyone wants to ff because they think the game is unwinnable. This really upsets me because I am an Azir one trick. I usually have a 20 CS lead and maybe even a kill on my laner. I am on pace to carry if we just wait till late game. But so many low elo players don't understand the concept of late game. So many times I have been 0/0/0 with perfect farm. I am on pace to carry but since my teammates have peanut brains they think I am not fed so they just ff. So many games have I told people to just not ff and wait it out...and sure enough despite 2 people saying "the game is unwinnable just ff"...we end up winning the game. This has happened so many times for me. But also so many times people will just blindly ff and I will lose LP in a game that is winnable. Sure some games are legit unwinnable. But those game will just be complete stomps and they will be over quickly. So there isn't even a need to ff. Most games (especially in low elo) cannot be determined at 15 minutes....Iwould argue they cant even be determined at 30 minutes. 2.) Imagine this mentality it professional/college sports. Imagine a team getting stomped in game. They cant just leave the arena. They have to play it out. Even if the opposing team is trolling around and being disrespectful. It doesn't matter. And so many times in sports history have "unwinnable" games been turned around to amazing comeback stories. Imagine all of the great comeback stories that would never exist if sports teams had the option to just leave the arena midway through the game. 3.) Personally I think if you are playing ranked..then you have made the decision to dedicate 30-40 minutes of your time playing seriously. If you cant handle that they you shouldn't even being playing ranked. If things aren't going your way you shouldn't be able to just run away. How pathetic. Where is the sense of competition?? So by removing the option to forfeit it would force players to play the games out. It would promote the mentality that you need to play till the end. It would discourage the "ff 15 mentality". Keep in mind I am fine with ff in draft mode...since it is just for fun. But ranked is serious to a lot of players and should not be taken lightly. Reasons for requiring certain mastery level on a champion: 1.) I think there should be some sort of system where you cannot play ranked on a champion you are not at least somewhat proficient on. Too many times have I been in games where people main one champion but decide to go some random champion they have never played before. And sure enough the go 0/7/0. They are the sole reason for losing the game. They get their laner super fed because they have no idea how to play the champ. For example I play Azir. When I first started playing Azir I would go 0/10/0 for almost every game. Imagine me bringing this to ranked and ruining someones experience. Unbelievable. It should not be allowed. Ranked should be treated seriously. If these sort of restrictions are not placed on ranked then it might as well be draft mode. 2.) Riot has this concept already to some extent. They require that players hit level 30 before playing ranked. This is to prevent people from hopping into ranked and inting and ruining games for other people. So they should do the same with champions. I am just tired of the weak willed men and women that play this game. I come from a sports background and I treat ranked gameplay like a sport. In real life if you weren't doing well in a sport and you started crying saying "just give up the game is lost because I made one mistake" you would be taken out of the game immediately, made fun of, and maybe even removed from the team if you kept that attitude up. Its honestly disgusting seeing all of the cry babies that play this game.
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