News from the linux players, and a question for a rioter...

Hello everyone, As you probably know, linux players can't play since the anti-cheat patch... I'm tracking the news in that regard, and figured some of you might be interested in them. (i removed the links from the post as i'm not sure if it's allowed to have them, usually i would quote less and link more, but you will understand why i had to...) First, about the wine database (a community for the runtime software that allow many windows program to run on linux). Predictably, 2 linux testers reported the unplayability, and League of legends went from the "gold" (works very well) ranking to a bronze ranking (not really usable). Yes, linux users rate their software and League went down 2 divisions... It's ok if you don't care, it was just a small anecdote... More importantly is the bug report "Bug 45327 - League of Legends 8.12 crashes when starting a game". 23 comments in it from the last 3 weeks. Publishing a sample of some of the interesting ones : > > From David (...) > In this link: > Riot said this: > For players using Wine, the community is already at work fixing incompatibilities with our changes. These changes were live on our Public Beta > Environment for several months to give developers of third-party applications time to adapt. As a normal part of software development, especially with > such comprehensive changes, there can be issues introduced with third party applications. We have not consciously prevented the use of Wine for > playing the game, and we ask for your patience as the Wine community remedies any incompatibilities. > > So they think that wine will make it! You must understand that wine contributors are mostly nice geeks that participate in their free time (disclaimer : I'm not a wine developer). And nobody beside Riot will make more money if the game works again. There are thousands of other "bug reports" for other software, wine developers might as well just look away from this one if the anti-cheat messed things too much on purpose, to spend their time more efficiently and make other improvement to wine for other games and software. Zebediah seems more experienced about this, he has participated on 42 different wine bugs. Here is what he have to say : > > From Zebediah (...) > I guess they're punting. In a sense this is understandable since it's not like they can really compromise on what they want, and in theory it's within Wine's > scope to fix. But it's a quite hard problem. It'll take some involved examination. > > At least the obfuscator doesn't seem to obfuscate itself... So far it's seems no one has volunteered to make the necessary "involved examination". And no post from riot. Last topic, but not least... > > From jaapbuurman (...) > It seems like there now is a workaround available: <link removed by myself> > > It involves replacing the .exe with another one, something I would personally never do for two reasons: > > 1) I am not sure whether that .exe is safe. > 2) You probably risk getting banned for running a modified version of the game. > > However, hopefully this workaround does contain useful information as to why Wine is currently crashing on the original .exe, which can hopefully be used to make it wine compatible again. > > From Zebediah (...) > Doubtful, it looks like it's just replacing the game executable, probably with a decoded version. It needs analysis of what stub.dll is doing. > > From Fabian > AFAIK it's a solution from cheaters, original seems to come from <link removed by myself>. Seems like a cheaters site to me. > Pretty ironic that legit players can't play, but cheaters already cracked it. > But I would NOT use that if you don't want your account banned! About "Pretty ironic that legit players can't play, but cheaters already cracked it."... You can find many messages in the same tone on the "LeagueOfLinux" subreddit. it's a subreddit dedicated to playing League Of Legends on Linux. From Ardydo : > Welp, I'm not risking getting banned over this so I'll wait for something else but it's pretty ironic that people have already cracked the anti-cheat and the legitimate players can't play yet :/ cn0MMnb > made a new account in case it gets banned. Patch is looking good so far. > > <CENSORED, NOT A NICE WORD> Riot. From xvlc0 : > The story of every DRM-protection ever. From CANT_ARGUE_DAT_LOGIC (who's irony i like :) > I am Russian. Please use, does not contain key logger to get banking information from TD, BOA, or any other bank. Trust me. Your information safe with Russian. From TheJackiMonster : > This is pretty hilarious in a way, that the forum informed the whole league-community about the upcoming patch with anti-cheat on the same day, the cheaters already publish a hotfix via bypassing the mechanism. So this was just a complete backfire by Riot into people from linux or people with AMD processors etc. who got lags, crashes or ping spikes. From Grzechooo : > that's the classic anticheat logic, do nothing against cheaters and inconvenience normal people From Redmaster252 : > Where's the point of keeping the anti-cheat if multiple cheat platforms already cracked the code and managed to go past the "necessary" anti-cheat that Riot newly implemented ? > > We don't even know if it did anything to the cheating part of the player base (compared to the loss of the linux users). Was it worth the work, and all the gone linux players (even if we weren't that many) ? Thanks to an awful lack of transparency from Riot, we have no idea. It also is really nice to see the nonexistent help that Riot is giving us about the issue, not even a single comment about it in several days ... But the most current theme is resignation... You guessed they all installed windows to play the game they love... Well... Not exactly : From CANT_ARGUE_DAT_LOGIC : > Meanwhile it's been 3 weeks since I played LoL. I've moved on to other games. From kamils0 : > There is another solution which I've decided to use:Ignore LoL and play native games. I know, <game name censored> isn't same as LoL but I enjoy it. If LoL will work on Wine again, I'll play it. Asking a linux user to install windows shows as much consideration for them as asking a vegan to eat meat. **As promised, i will conclude with a question for a rioter** : will you ban non-cheating linux users if they use the modified executable created by cheaters to disable the anti-cheat ? (the only way they currently can play) **TL;DR: We are civilian penguins stuck in a warzone "Riot VS cheaters". Riot launched a nuke, killed most penguins, cheaters still going strong in their anti-nuke shelters. Last penguin survivors looking shelter in other games** {{item:3070}}
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