Banned for Inting :)

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yes i 100% inted this team without a question and if you wanna pull the chat logs before the game even started id like them to be posted too. goes something like this, Hello all, please don't ban senna thanks :D. Our jungler 1 second after reading chat *bans senna* fires back with "i ban senna every game bitch, deal with it". i sat their in shock as this actual braindead just tried to set me off... so i fired back with "okay well considering you want to be a degenerate, id suggest someone dodge now as im running it down." long story short they didn't dodge and complained all game calling me a troll when in reality they did it to themselves. Do i deserved to be banned for degenerates getting a taste of what they honestly deserved? also i understand i trolled 2 other people in the process of "deal with it bitc*" but at the end of the day they ruined my game just as hard when i have a very limited champ pool being a smurf... that being said he told me to "deal with it bitc*" so i really did deal with him however i feel this ban is a tad unjust and has 0 justification under these circumstances. hoenestly LMK what yall think and or would do in this situation, do yall think this suspension is justifiable with my actions mind you i went 0-20 but for imo a good damn reason. if anyone wants to send a boi a fresh 30 hmu D:
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