You know, I can't help but feel I'm not banning champions I don't find fun to play against...

But instead I'm banning champions that just make me want to stop playing because of how strong they are...because even if I can sometimes handle them, I can't trust my teammates to not get them ahead usually... Before I was just banning Fizz because I hated laning against I want to ban so many champions, like Kai'sa, Jax, Riven, Qiyana, Pyke, or Yuumi amongst others... Playing Jhin a few days ago against a fed Kai'sa I was pretty shocked to see her doing nearly as much damage as me per auto but a whole lot faster...the powercreep just gets worse and worse and I don't really know how much longer I can tolerate it :/ Riot really wants to buff this champion and that champion so they'll have big fancy pro scene plays...but I feel like they don't seem to notice it's to the detriment of the rest of their playerbase .-. EDIT: For clarification I wasn't laning against Kai'sa that match, I was play mid lane Jhin, here is the end of match screenshot I was doing like 800ish damage per auto and she was doing close to 750 I think, I cant quite recall because it was a little while ago. I was able to kill some people on their team relatively fast but she just melted my team like it was nothing on the final push I know I should have gone for a Mortal Reminder instead in hindsight but at the time I was hoping a Stormrazor would help burst the rest of them down quicker so my team would be able to focus her... And yes I know it was blind pick and our teamcomp was awful...please don't yell at me .-. Im sorry if this is turning into a "Kai'sa is too strong" thread it's really just more of a vent post expressing my frustration with the game direction :/
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