Account was hacked, contacted support for help to recover it, so they banned me

**Updated 17.9 : Riot's responses upheld the ban, their reason started as 3rd party tools, then was account mismanagement, then it turned to account selling/trading, so the account will remain banned. I'd imagine either the tools they used to hack the account triggered the 3rd party tools detection, and or the buyer of the account using scripts. They hacked the account, sold it, then the buyer played ranked on it (either of them used the 3rd party tools, Riot would not tell me which one.) Moral of the story is, do not get hacked. Secure your account and be super diligent. If you are hacked and the hacker uses either 3rd party tools, sells the account or causes generally suspicious activity (essentially whatever the hacker does will be your responsibility) they can WILL perma-ban your account without possibility to recover it or negotiate/find out exactly what happened. Do not spend money on any account you are not 100% sure will remain secure. If you are hacked, there is a high chance you will never recover your account. ** My account was hacked and I noticed this in real time as I was next to my boyfriend while he was TALKING to the person on my account. The hacked account was: IS12e27199f8fd7e (I detailed why my display name was like this in my support ticket to riot, information that a 3rd party would not know). This person had been playing ranked games, and wrote some really obscure stuff to my boyfriend while I watched (this was what they wrote: ":(" "I am you" "Why are you talking to yourself".) Naturally since I can see this person playing and talking on my account, I quickly write to riot support to report this and help with recovery. I detail that I have had this account since 2011, and have emails tied to this account since then, I have knowledge of this account and its details no person who had not originally created the account could possess. I have receipts of riot point purchases, conversations with riot support about transferring the account from EUNE to EUW, etc, I have these all dating back to the creation date of the account, which I know and informed riot in my support ticket, there should be no question that I was in fact hacked and am the original and sole owner of this account. I also said my credit card is likely tied to the account, so of course it being hacked is worrisome for me and I want to know how this happened, when, and possibly by whom. This person played ranked 3x, a twitch game, and 2 ezreal games. I reported this on 6.9. (the person had been using my account since 5.9, had changed my password and my email address, strangely I was not notified of any of this via email and the email address tied to this account has been in use since 2011, and I check it daily). **The first response I get from riot is, 2 days after I reported it: ** Varaner Varaner (Riot Games Player Support) Sep 8, 2:20 AM PDT Hello. We have a Player Behavior team in place dedicated to looking into cases like this, so I need to transfer your ticket. A member of our team will be investigating your case and contacting you as soon as they can. Please keep in mind that we respond to tickets in the order we receive them, so ‘bumping’ your ticket by sending us additional messages will send it to the back of our queue. This might inadvertently delay our response. :( Thank you for your patience! Varaner Player Support Specialist "The eyes of the lion are always open." Then (I had not bumped it at all in the meantime). Genathos Genathos (Riot Games Player Support) **The next message, 4 days after I reported the hacked account:** Sep 10, 7:07 AM PDT Hello there, Our system detected the use of scripts within your games. I hope you can see why it would be unsatisfying and frustrating to play against other players who are using a tool to tamper with the gameplay experience. We took action to protect the fairness and integrity of the Fields of Justice. We have explained the context of your suspension, will not remove or modify it, and consider the matter closed. Best regards, Genathos "There is life. There is death. And then there is me." So, no one explains anything to me about my account actually being hacked. No one tells me what to do to secure my pc, my account, or how this happened. Nothing. They just tell me they banned me. That is it. Why was I unable to recover my account? Why didn't anyone even discuss this with me? I have never used scripts in my life, and would happily engage in a discussion with riot support to verify any information riot may need in order to regain access to my hacked account. You really do not help your players when they are hacked, help them secure their info/pc, anything? You simply auto-ban them for being hacked and the behavior of the hacker? What on earth? Also is riot telling me they themselves were the one playing on my account, writing to my boyfriend, trolling essentially, and playing ranked games? Then they banned me? I do not understand how one can report their account hacked, and be banned without even any advice or discussion on the actual issue, _the account being compromised by an individual or some 3rd party who hacks and sells accounts _ I hope I can get more help or a better explanation than this. This is completely absurd. Cheers. **Edit UPDATE: So they responded, and simply backed up the ban. Alright. .** Their response: Hello, I imagine that the situation in which you are currently must be pretty sensitive given the circumstances. As we have previously told you, the account has been banned for usage of scripts. Considering all the information you have given us, we went ahead and investigated the account thoroughly. Based on that investigation we have decided not to remove the suspension, as we have reason to believe this account has been whether sold or mismanaged in some form and there was no compromise that would lead to the suspension. Meaning that even tho it is not you who used the scripts on the account, we believe that the another person playing on your account was not there due to breach/account security issue. (I wish they could clarify this, I have lived in multiple locations and owned multiple computers, this account is from 2011 after all). _ Now, I'm guessing that you would like to know exactly what we looked at, but you must understand that for security reasons, we cannot share any details around our investigations, however I ensure you that if we did not have strong enough reasons to leave the suspension, we would lift it. We couldn't find any malicious use of your card, and there should be no access to your details, however if you spot anything unusual on your account, please let us know! I sincerely hope this clarifies your concerns. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Kind regards, C9 Midnit3 Player Support Specialist "Peace requires a steady hand." So they tell me they banned it even though it wasn't me, due to account mismanagement? Alright. I have ZERO idea how this person accessed my account, and this isn't a good enough explanation to ban me. I**t was hacked. I would like to know how. ** Update 12.9 (I gave them loads of info about the account and asked for info regarding the ban, why it was enforced, why one can be banned for account mismanagement (I guess being hacked?), and what exactly they see in my info that is ban worthy without even giving me the opportunity to discuss it with them, or ask me any questions regarding it). C9 Midnit3 (Riot Games Player Support) Sep 12, 4:26 AM PDT Hello again, First of all I would like to thank you for all the additional context that you have provided regarding your account. Trust me, we have triple checked your case in order for multiple people to review it to determine whether or not the ban should be kept or not. Now details such as - when were the scripts used, who was on the account exactly when the scripts were used and other information that you are requesting is not something I can share with you, sadly. If we were to think that you are not the account owner, then we would not be able to discuss this with you at all. This is all the information we can provide regarding this case. _When I mentioned that the account was mismanaged, I was referring to the fact that you, as the original creator of the account are fully responsible for all the activity that takes place on the account_. In the investigations that we are performing we are taking a lot of variables into account in order to determine what course of action to take. Sorry that I have to reinforce the bad news. Kind regards, C9 Midnit3 Player Support Specialist "Peace requires a steady hand." I still do not know the reason for the ban. Being hacked is apparently ban-able? UPDATE: So the reason I am banned is because, email response to asking what I was banned for... The reason why the account has been suspended is: third party tools - hacks & exploits. All that I have mentioned previously is a reason why this ban is not lifted. Kind regards, C9 Midnit3 Player Support Specialist "Peace requires a steady hand." They wrote to me that they know it wasn't me who used the scripts i.e. "hacks and exploits" and still they are maintaining the ban? They tell me they banned my account for exploits, but are aware they weren't done by me, however they are maintaining their ban on the grounds of what the person who stole my account did? What?! They won't even TALK to me about this at all. They just stonewall.
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